About me

My name is Sabrina and I'm a 19yo creative living + studying in London. This is my website (and former blog). Be sure to check out my posts, socials, creative work etc. This website is basically the root page leading to my entire internet presence. Have fun exploring my world xx.


How old are you? - 19 years old (10th of September 2001)

Where do you live? - I consider Maastricht, the Netherlands my hometown (as you might've guessed; I'm Dutch) but I currently live in London, UK

Why do you live in London? - I'm studying MSc Strategic Fashion Management at UAL

What's your sign? - I'm a virgo sun, gemini moon, scorpio rising

What's your Hogwarts house / mbti sign? - Slytherin, ENFJ

Why do you eat gluten free? - I have celiac disease, I'm allergic to gluten

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