Saturday, January 26, 2019

my 2019 goals.

So you've probably read my last blogpost and wondered what my 2019 goals were, if that's the case you don't have to wait any longer because today I'm finally sharing them. Sorry for the wait ;).


Saturday, January 19, 2019

did i reach my 2018 goals?

Ladies and gentlemen, after taking a month long break for school she is finally back and indeed better than ever. She has replenished her creative fuels, she has gotten good grades and she is now more ready than ever to entertain via her socials.

Hey :). It's true, I am back from the dead, I returned from the grave that actually wasn't a grave because if you follow my IG you know I was still alive all this time, to make content on here again. Yay!! Anyways, I figured my first blogpost of the year would be a little look back into my 2018 goals and whether I've accomplished them or not. I always like reading these personal things, so I figured I'd do it as well.

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