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skincare routine.

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Skincare is one of the hottest things of the moment, so I though I'd go ahead and share my routine with y'all, especially since I don't joke around when it comes to skincare lol. I take it very, very seriously, and contribute a good portion of my good skin to a intense skincare routine.

What I don't do on a daily basis is marked with "extra", these are extra steps and add-ons for certain concerns or seasons :). Everything will be explained in a strict order, 'cause the order in which you apply really does matter!

About my skin type: I'd say I'm combination with very few problems, aside from a little bit of redness around the cheeks and dark undereye circles. What can I say? I was blessed with good genes.

le routine.

step 1.
The first step is always to remove your makeup. I like using micellar waters because I feel like they really take everything of and leave nothing behind. Micellar waters use a special technology to bind oils to water, and oil is the arch nemesis of makeup, which makes micellar water so highly effective at taking every single bit of makeup of.
I never go to bed with makeup, even if I'm tired I'll still take the time to remove everything. It's only one step, so it's super doable, even if you're sick or tired. Sleeping with makeup is one of the worst things you could do to your skin, so avoid it at all costs!

I like to use the Nivea MicellAIR water on a daily basis, but I have this mini Garnier skin active micellar water for when I'm traveling. I do like the Nivea one a lot more than the Garnier one though, 'cause it feels like the Garnier one leaves my face a bit sticky and tight-feeling.

step 2.
I'm a huge fan of double cleansing, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of doing things the normal way I like to use a block of soap for my second cleansing step. This just gives me that extra feeling of cleanliness, and that extra assurance that all the dirt and makeup is removed.
Normally I just wet my face and massage the block over my face to create some foam. Then I just rub the foam in gently with my hands (which I always sanitize before I touch my face!!) and wash it of with some cold water.

Right now I'm obsessed with Lush' "honey I washed the kids" soap, which has a delicious honey / caramel scent and makes my face feel like it's super clean.

extra step.
Exfoliating is also important, to get rid of any dead skin cells or texture. You shouldn't exfoliate every day though, 'cause that can cause micro tears in the skin and damage it. Sugar scrubs or other harsh scrubs should also be used with care (once or twice a week, never more), instead go for chemical or lighter scrubs.

I used to swear by the Aapri apricot exfoliating scrub, which is nice and gentle for your face. Right now I'm obsessed with my own homemade coffee grinds scrub, which is also really nice for your body. I use it about once every one or two weeks for face, and once every week for my body.

combine coffee grinds, a lot of honey and a tiny bit of olive oil in a pot. I usually just eyeball this, until I get a semi-wet consistency. This scrub is really nice at getting rid of texture and cleaning your pores, but can get a bit messy, so watch out for that :).

step 3.
Toner is crucial in any skincare routine, it removes the last bits of makeup, cleans your pores and "resets" the pH of your skin back to normal. Makeup can mess with the pH of your skin, so it's always a good idea to restore the natural order. If you don't watch your skin's pH it might age quicker and get irritated.

I love using LUSH' breath of fresh air toner. This toner is very fresh and has rose-extract, seaweed and seawater to calm your skin, refresh it and fight redness. All ingredients were also chosen to soften your skin. I've seen a huge change in my skin since using this toner, especially in redness and softness, so I swear by this (I'm on my third bottle!!). The scent is also really nice and replenishing.

extra step.
Sometimes when I notice additional concerns I add this step in, which is basically a spot treatment.

If I notice I'm extra red in some areas I'll take Jacob van Hooy's rosewater on a cotton pad and pat that on. Redness is known for working against redness and inflamed skin, so that usually helps cool everything down.
If I notice my skin's looking dull or grey (mostly in the winter) I'll take a tiny bit of lemon juice on a cotton pad and slowly pat that on. Don't rub this in or do this after exfoliating or it'll burn ;0.

step 4.
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! It's little known, but every skintype should moisturize. Even oily skinned people. If you have oily skin and don't moisturize your skin will make more oils to make up for the lack of moisture, so moisturizing is always recommended.

I myself switch between a bunch of moisturizers. Lately I've been using Rituals' touch of hamman ultra rich whipped body moisturizer (they don't make this anymore, sadly) which has a very nice whipped consistency, which is super light for your face. Otherwise I'll use a body butter from the body shop, like Vineyard peach or Vanilla Pumpkin. They are a bit heavier, and have perfume, so I don't use those in the winter when my skin gets easily irritated. In the winter I'll opt for the Nivea cream, which has less perfume and is way thicker for when you need some serious moisture.

step 5.
The last step is always rosewater! I actually wrote an entire post on why rosewater is so amazing, 'cause there's way to many reasons to list here.

I swear by my Mario Badescu rosewater spray, which is enriched with aloe vera and a bunch of herbs to add additional benefits on top. Aloe vera is good for calming your skin and calming redness.

extra, extra, extra.
In terms of masks I only use two, 'cause I'm very strict about my masks.

First of, I use the Garnier skin active hydra bomb mask. It's intensely moisturizing, and gives your face a great glow, which is amazing for events or pictures. This is my go-to for when I have an event or party, because it makes your skin incredibly hydrated, youthful and glowy.
Second, I use LUSH' mask of magnaminty. This one has scrubbing particles in it, and is focused on fighting acne and giving your skin a bit of a glow. The clay fights any impurities and the peppermint oil acts cooling and refreshing.

And that was it for my skincare routine! It probably sounds like a lot, but I swear it's really not that bad xd. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see ya next week!

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