Saturday, August 11, 2018

mind dump [+ OOTD]

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Today I'm just gonna be ranting a lot, so if that's what you're into you're in luck!

White shirt, lace top & belt: stradivarius // Clear bag, bracelet: ??? // Shoes: vans // Sunglasses: NOW Maastricht // Earrings: My Jewelry // Shorts: Hollister Co.

topic 1: summertime sadness
I just wanted to type about this for a bit, since I haven't seen a lot of people discussing this subject.

To put it blankly, summer always comes paired with seasonal sadness spikes for me. Summer break is always made out to be this grand thing, this time of your life, where every day should be filled with an adventure or spent hanging out with friends under the night sky and frankly, that's kinda oppressing.
Sure, summer can be all those things you hyped it up to be, but it's realistic as well to realize that you're not gonna be able to do something extraordinary or hang out with friends each and every day, yet the media and influencers are constantly only showing us trips and night by the bonfire and it puts a pressure on you to fill every second or else you're "wasting your summer", which I find to be ludicrous. It's totally okay to have chill days at home during the summer, or work, or just sleep for entire days, even though that's not what you see everyone doing. You don't have to worry about making every second count. Summer is for relaxing so make sure to take the time and actually relax, do nothing for a few days (or a week, or multiple weeks...)

I think it's important to acknowledge that all these "perfect summer" posts can make you feel left out, because in reality you'll probably be texting your friends about hanging out and they'll be away on holiday or working, and that's completely fine! (It's completely fine if you do fill every second as well, just don't stress yourself out too much planning everything to the core)

I don't know if this made sense at all. I hope some people can relate lmao. Sorry for ranting :)

topic 2: craving colder weather
I'm so fed up with this stupid heatwave!!!!!!

I hate, hate, hate heat so much! It's been a constant 36 degrees Celsius here, which is infuriatingly hot btw, and I'm honestly barely surviving. Everything's sweaty constantly, all the grass is dried out and none of my clothing is short enough to not create buckets of sweat. Today it actually rained and I literally almost cried of happiness. I'm in need of autumn so badly.

When it's hot people always say "It's too hot to stay inside" but I'm always like "It's too hot to be outside!!!", just sit down in front of a fan and lie down, do nothing and you might survive the day lol. Heat just drains all my energy and makes me wanna stay in bed and do nothing lol. Working in the heat was also extra stressful, since 1) there were soooo many people on the terrace lol I couldn't keep up with all those drinks and 2) I have to be in a full black outfit, including nice long pants and a blouse...

Anyways, I think I'm done complaining for now! I hope you enjoyed my little rants and agreed on everything :))).



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