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autumnal everyday makeup.

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Hey guys! So since I only do more ~dramatic~ makeup looks on my youtube and IG I usually get a lot of people asking me about what makeup I actually wear on a daily basis, and so I decided to write this post about it.
For me it's basically fall, so this is going to be my everyday makeup but sort of with an autumn theme to it.

second image source: tumblr

Btw, here's my autumn playlist for those nice, cosy, autumnal vibes :). You can play it while reading this post to reaaaalllyyyy get into that autumnal mood.

On an everyday basis I usually wear highlighter, concealer + powder, an eyebrow product, mascara and a lip product (it sounds like more than it actually is lol). That way I get everything I need on a daily basis and can just leave for school quickly lol. Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit extra I'll add some extra things, and I'll also be talking about my favorite nail polish atm!

// the usual //

🍂 highlighter: highlighter is one of my all-time favorite products, and since I usually go for a cream  or liquid one I'd like to start of with that. Lately I've been using NYX' away we glow liquid highlighter [06 daytime halo]. It's a gorgeous, subtle light gold shade for a very nice and natural glow. I love liquid highlighters like this because they blend so seamlessly and I can just blend them in using my hands. If that's not intense enough I might top that of with Becca's pressed highlighter [Moonstone], which I've just hit pan on :(. Moonstone is a gorgeous, blinding, pale champagne shade.

🍂 concealer: concealer is a must for me most of the time, mainly because of my dark underage circles which I just don't wanna see lol. My favorite concealer is Revolution's conceal & define concealer [C1] which is 1) a super affordable Tarte shape tape dupe and 2) super high coverage without any cakeyness. I'm obsessed!

🍂 powder: without powder I cry all my concealer away in under an hour (yay for watery eyes and a persevering hay fever!) so I usually set my eyes with the Essence cubanita banana powder, which they don't make anymore :(. However, catrice has basically the same powder in it's not limited edition assortment called the "Light Illusion Loose Powder" which is the same. I love this powder 'cause it helps keep my concealer on for a whole lot longer and also keeps it looking matt. Sometimes I'll add a bit of Essence's matt matt matt powder [Waterproof] near my tear duct when I notice that my eyes are worse than usual.

🍂 eyebrow product: lately I've been pretty much doing nothing to my brows, and I'm loving it! On an every day basis I just take Hema's brow gel [Brown] and brush my brow hairs up with that. It adds a nice bit of color and definition without being too on the nose. It's a very subtle and effortless look.

🍂 mascara: mascara is my absolute favorite! For mascara I always go to Benefit's roller lash mascara. Nothing else gives me that lengthening, curling action that makes my lashes look like a pair of wispy falsies. A musthave product!

🍂 a lip product: these past months I've been digging orange lips (thxx @Gemary). Some of my faves include: Maybelline matte ink [Fighter] (either smudged for a subtle, blotted look or applied like normal), MAC's cb96 (this one has a shimmer to it, and has a more creamy finish) or if you're not into orange lips, Kiko's 3D hydra gloss [18] (the perfect golden / coppery shimmer). If I just want a tinted lip balm I'll use my Maybelline baby lips [Pumpkin spice] which has a nice subtle orange tint and spells / tastes like pumpkin spice!

// the extras //
For when you have a little more time, or feel a little frisky lol.

🍂 nail polish: in case you didn't notice yet, I'm heavily obsessed with burnt orange atm, so my fave nail polish is a burnt orange *shock, the audience gasps*. I've been exclusively wearing Hema's 005 peanut butter sandwich. It's a gorgeous, muted, burnt orange and lasts for a pretty long while. In love.

🍂 bronzer: I found Essence's adventure awaits bronzer stick in the discount bin and have been obsessed ever since. The formula is super blendable and soft, and the color is perfect for a subtle bronze. I add this whenever I feel like my face is looking a bit flat.

🍂 eyeshadow: ever since I bought Urban Decay's naked heat palette I've been looking for excuses to use it. Sometimes I'll add a dash of sauced or low blow to my crease and lower lash line to accentuate my blue eyes or use one of the shimmer shades if I really wanna go wild. Another favorite has been Catrice's art couleurs eyeshadow [200 pumpkin spice, so nice!] which is a nice peachy / orange color to again, sweep all over the crease for a subtle look.

And that was it! I hope you enjoyed this post pls be sure to leave a comment recommending me some products 'cause I always love to find out about new products.
Thank you for reading and see ya next week!



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