Saturday, July 28, 2018

why I'm removing my old Dutch blogposts.

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Hey guys! Today I'm doing a really quick post, that actually has an important lesson. You see, I've decided recently that I want to pull all my Dutch blog posts from my blog.

That has a few reasons, the main one being that most of you guys can't read those, since I've switched to an English audience.
It's also important to know that most of those posts don't represent the quality I want on this blog. They were my starting posts, from before I took my blog seriously. Therefore I've decided to unpublish them.

I hope you understand :).

(Also, I know this isn't really a full blogpost but I totally forgot to write one! Next week you'll get a good one though, to make up for it)

Meanwhile you can watch my latest youtube vid though ;)


Sunday, July 22, 2018

july beauty faves.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to my blog! Today we're doing an article loved by many readers, which is a beauty faves post! Y'all always go wild for these posts lol. This month I only have 3 faves for you, but they're all really good so that makes up for the lack of products.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

in my secret life.

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I don't share a lot about my life on my blog, so since I've recently been loving lifestyle blogs I've decided to do just that and write more about myself and my life, aka get more personal. In this post I'll be telling you all about what's been happening in my life lately, so you're all up to date ;).

This post was inspired by this post, I give full credit to "Little Henry Lee" for coming up with this post.


Saturday, July 07, 2018

the easiest way to digitalize all your polaroids

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Summer break is here again, which most likely means you're attending lots of social gatherings and taking tons of pictures. Most of those will be polaroids, if you're anything like me. Unfortunately it's hard to share polaroids with your friends or share them on social media, since every one is unique and taking a picture with your phone ruins the quality.

But I'm coming to the rescue!! In this post I'll be telling you all about how I digitalize my polaroids, quickly and easily.

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