Saturday, June 30, 2018

all the trends you want to hop on for summer.

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Sometimes it can be hard to navigate exactly what trends are hot and happening right now and what you should leave, so today I'm laying everything out for you, very neatly, so you don't have to struggle. Sounds amazing right? Just keep on reading if you answered 'yes' to the previous question :).

Let's just dive in!

tortoise shell
Tortoise shell has been having a moment lately, with tortoise shell earrings, sunglasses, bags and buttons are having a great moment rn. It's almost like you can't scroll through IG without being hit in the face by something tortoise shell, which basically means this is a hot thing we should all jump on. Do go for fake though, we don't want no real tortoises harmed in the making of our cute vintage looking sunnies.

source: stradivarius & shopgirl-la

✰ net & straw bags
You've probably already seen every blogger on the face of the earth wearing these (including me) but just in case you haven't gotten the hint yet: straw and net bags are ESSENTIAL this summer! Don't sleep on them! You can opt for cute round straw bags, or maybe a more squared one. A net bag, however impractical, is a must as well.

source: urban outfitters & urban outfitters

cute & edgy sunnies
This was already a thing last summer, but thankfully it stayed a while longer! Small + edgy sunnies give your look some instant fashion points, and even though they're not practical doesn't mean they're not cute af! Bonus points if you get tortoise shell ones, extra bonus ones if they're a cat eye shape.

shell earrings + beach inspired accesories
Remember those shell necklaces you probably bought on vacation when you were like eight? Well, it's time to pull them out from the deepest darkest corner of your jewelry box and rock em again, as shell accessories have been revived for this season. Pair them with a cute outfit (maybe a straw bag?) and look fly af.
Also: go for natural vibes (cotton, wooden buttons, soft stripes, light brown colors and neutrals)

source: stradivarius & isabel garant

vintage-y earrings 
Vintage vibes will be everywhere this summer, from slip dresses to 60'ies inspired shades, and biggest of all: vintage earrings. They look super cute with any outfit, casual or dressed up, but can also be great statement pieces.
Also: you get bonus points if they're tortoise shell

sources: my jewellery & @louise_grdd on IG

paper bag pants
Did anybody say safari chic? This summer you should be on your adventurer A-game by wearing some cute paper bag shorts or pants. They give any outfit that great chic, explorer vibe, like you're exploring the jungle but going to dinner at 8. Pair 'em with a cute cropped top, net bag and statement earrings and you're the trendiest person in every room.

sources: stradivarius

burnt orange
It's been everywhere lately: burnt orange, aka rust orange. A nice mix of neutral brown and bright orange, which is the perfect colour for when you don't really want to wear colour, and adventurous enough to make a statement. I recently picked up some burnt orange paper bag pants from Pinkie and I've been living my best life in em.

bonus points if you thrift stuff
Seriously, if you've not heard the words "thrifting" "thrift haul" "goodwill" "vintage" or "second hand" in the last 3 months you've been doing social media all wrong. If there's one thing that's hot and happening in the fashion world it's thrifting (aka second hand shopping / shopping at thrift stores). It's a good way to find some cheap, unique pieces AND save the planet. Win-win.

Anyways, that was it for this post! I hope you enjoyed and found some cool trends to check out. Pls leave a comment telling me what trends I missed or what you are gonna be rocking this summer :). See ya' next week!

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