Saturday, May 26, 2018

the silent fashion statement we all make (a phone case review).

~ This phone case was sent to me for reviewing purposes, however all opinions stated are strictly my own ~

When you think about it, phone cases are actually a silent fashion statement, a quiet way of expressing yourself. We all need phone cases anyway, to protect our precious babies, so why not use that and give it a personal twist? Today I'm going to be reviewing a Dutch site ( that lets you print your photos and designs onto phone cases, so you can express yourself just how you want to.
Interested? Then keep on reading!

The proces
The process behind ordering a case at is quite simple, you just pick a case, upload a foto or choose one of their designs and bada bing, bada boom, you're basically good to go! I wanted to do something a little more difficult, so I used (free!) online service Canva to design a basic graphic for my case, and uploaded it onto their "iPhone 7 Plus hardcore hoesje rondom bedrukt". I'd totally recommend doing something like this, as you can create something you totally love. You can also just upload a picture straight into's site, which is a marvelous idea for if you have a specific family picture, #squadgoals picture, or anything else you'd like to always take with you. You can go as crazy as you want to! Go for a silent fashion statement, or a loud personal case, it's all up to you!

Each case is made for your order, and 3D printed just for you. Another great thing about this service is their next day delivery, which is super speedy and incredibly convenient! I ordered around a holiday, so mine arrived a few days later, but I was warned of this beforehand and overall the shipping was super speedy.

My design 
Now let's talk a little bit more about my design. I chose to go for a marble background with the words "the dutch blogger girl" on it. My blog is very important to me, so I like having it there as a silent fashion statement + literally everyone sees my phone so it's a sneaky advertisement as well :). I also thought this would be great for mirror selfies, but my blonde head didn't think about the fact that mirrors, ya know, mirror everything. *face palms* Anyways, I'm still super excited about this case, and am very interested to see how long it will hold up.

The quality
When my case arrived I was amazed at the quality: the case is nice, very solid and feels incredibly sturdy. My design was right on there, and wasn't painted on, so it scratching of is impossible. (We all know the struggle of phone cases and scratching the design of, don't we?)

In terms of dropability, I can fully say this case has survived so far. I've dropped my phone several times since I've had this case, including down a few stairs and "routine" drops and it survived everything without a scratch. Quality is incredibly important, especially as a case is meant to protect your precious phone, and this case survived the test!

The only thing I need to warn you about is the fact that the case is very smooth, so it can slide a bit when put on slanted surfaces. I'm telling you this in case you ever put your phone on the empty chair next to you in class, only to have it slide of of there and reveal that you we're on it in the first place xd. (Totally not speaking from experience or anything)

Overall I'm super happy with my new case! It's an amazing personal statement of great quality, that I can't wait to parade around lmao. I would 100% recommend this service to anyone who's looking for a quality case, for a pretty affordable price (especially since you can customize it!)

Link to the website, link to the case I picked, which retails for €17,45. 

Anyways thank you for reading and see ya' next week!


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