Saturday, May 05, 2018

☾ recent beauty faves. ☽

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Lately I've been falling out of love with writing favorites articles. It started to feel like a chore every single month again, and I noticed I wasn't having as much fun with it anymore. Therefore I've decided to split up my favorites for now and maybe come up with a new way of writing a favorites post for the future.
Anyways, today I'm going to dive into 5 of my recent beauty faves, and why I love them. Let's get into it!

✰1. The first thing on this list is the Kiko 3D Hydra lipgloss in the shade 18. To say I've been obsessed with this gloss is a heavy understatement. The shade gives a gorgeous bronze glitter to the lips, the glitter doesn't pile up and the gloss is surprisingly comfortable. Throughout the month of April this has been my go-to lippie and has remained a favorite. Can't recommend this one enough!

✰2. Next we're gonna talk about the Essence blushplay palette in the shade 20 Play it pink. I've been experimenting with blush a lot more lately, and this palette has helped me a lot with that. The highlight is pretty, but a little cool-toned, and the blushes are very bright and a little too pigmented sometimes. My fave has been the shade on the right, it's a perfect pinky/coral shade.

✰3. The third thing on this list is this Catrice nail polish in the shade 100% cotton. This was the perfect white nail polish I was looking for this month! It has a pretty nice warm, vanilla undertone, which gives it a strong tropical feel. I especially loved wearing this on my vacation to Sevilla as the shade made me appear more tan. The polish lasted amazingly long for me, about 6 days without serious chipping. However, it does take some coats to get full coverage: I needed up to 5 coats to not have a sheer color.

✰4. Next up: the Essence all about matt waterproof fixing powder. I have a serious watering-eyes issue: my eyes water so bad it completely evaporates my concealer within the first hour of me applying it. However, this powder proved to be a great solution to my problem. It seriously helps keep my concealer put through the day and withstands sweat, watering eyes, rain or full on tears. The white shade can however make concealer appear a little greyish, so I recommend you don't use too much.

✰5. And last but not least, we have the Maybelline color tattoo cream eyeshadow in the shade 70 Metallic pomegranate / punk pomegranate. This cream shadow is definitely not for the faint of heart! The color is a dark and mysterious plum-ish red with a dose of gold glitter that can be build up to maximum intensity or smoked out without any real effort. The shade reminds me a lot of autumn makeup, so I'll definitely be making some 5 minute smokey eyes with this lil' pot during the colder months.

And that was it for this quick post! I hope you enjoyed, thank you for reading and see ya' next week!


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