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Sometimes I worry about not sounding too intellectual on here, or sounding like all I care about is fashion and beauty, while I read and study more meaningful things as well. Either way, today I'm sharing with you some links I've been loving recently, including interesting articles and videos, both fun and educational.

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Today I'm highlighting a few links to both videos and articles that I've been loving recently.

✰ An article about the popularity of a lazy egg cartoon character
If you've ever seen a cute haul or a Japan haul, or just watched any youtube video at all, you might've seen Gudetama (the lazy egg) around. The popularity of this cartoon character is astounding, with it quickly rising to be one of Sanrio's big earners. This article by Vox tries to explain the popularity behind this curious little egg, and does so rather well.

✰ An article about how a Chanel bag inspired one of Tokyo's most desired desserts
This article follows the wacky /  information you don't NEED to know trend, but it's pretty interesting. I actually really like articles like this, that teach you about something you would've never come up with by yourself. I love hamstering weird stories / trivia like this, and I definitely recommend doing that, as you'll always have something to talk about.

✰ An article all about why we sometimes need a bad day
We all have bad days, it's unavoidable that some days will be less good than other days. This blogpost gives some reasons about why bad days are actually necessary for us, so you don't have to feel so bad about having a bad day. I really love how cheerful and uplifting this is.

✰ An article about the creator of Gucci's newest drawn campaigns
When I saw the hand drawn Gucci campaigns for the first time I was smitten with them. The amount of detail and realism that went into them is unreal. So of course I loved it when Vogue interviewed Ignasi Montreal, the person behind the campaigns. The article was amazing, offering both personal background info on Ignasi as well as Behind The Scenes stuff from the campaign. Loved it!

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✰ A variety of video essays
I love me some good video essays! Especially ones about tv shows or that explain cultural phenomenons (or just random things). Here are some of my all time faves:
About the cinematography of The Handmaid's Tale
About how Sherlock films thought
About what dark patterns on the internet are and how they trick you
About Stranger Things' use of intertextuality and nostalgia
About Newt Scamander's character from "Fantastic Beasts"
About how ink cartridges try to scam you

✰ A video all about the recent Yanny vs. Laurel debate
When the Laure/Yanny sound clip first found it's way to the internet it divided the world in half (jk). It was the dress (or those flip-flops) all over again, people were choosing sides, celebs were choosing sides, and things got messy. This video tries to explain how you can hear different things in the same clip in a scientific way, and it's actually pretty interesting! (Btw it actually says Laurel so my team wins for once xd)

✰ A video in which Cole Sprouse tries to explain his IG photos
Until this video I never had a thing for Cole, but after this video I'm pretty sure I do. He's super charming and funny, and talks about his pictures in a super inspiring and passionate way. His work is actually pretty cool, I definitely picked up some ideas from this vid!

✰ An article with 6 reasons why blogging will always stay important
Here in the blogging industry it can be hard to keep on blogging, especially with nearly everyone declaring blogging dead (yet the industry's still thriving). This blogpost offers some comforting, and believable reasons on why blogging will always remain a big deal. I found this article to be very comforting, and just nicely written in general :).

And that was it for this blogpost! I hope you enjoyed and found some new fun (and educational) articles and videos to enjoy. Thanks for reading and see ya next week!


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