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my bag collection + tips on finding the perfect bag.

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I probably don't need to tell you that bags make for amazing accessories. They can spice up any outfit or completely set the tone for an outfit, in short: they're crucial for any fashionista to have. In this post I'll tell you a little bit about my (pretty) small bag collection and give you some tips so you can find your perfect bag!

Before we begin I want to establish that most bags out there can be put into 1 of the following categories; purse, clutch, cross-body or backpack.

Now let's get into the bags.

✰ the snake-skin one
This is my most recent addition and my current fave. I love the snake print details, it adds a little bit of statement to an otherwise super simple bag. The bag is a little bit smaller than my other purse, which I like because it makes it a lot more versatile. The inner compartments are super dreamy as well, because they have lots of space and small pockets. What attracted me to this bag was the square shape and the snake print details, which really make this bag a statement bag. <3 <3.


✰ the leather steel-chained bag
This is a double talented bag, it can be worn as a clutch and as a cross body. It's a little bit on the smaller side (it barely fits my camera, wallet, phone and a lipgloss), but the cute style makes up for it. I love this one to spice up a more casual outfit, as well as go with a more "dressed up" outfit.


✰ the colour-blocked crossbody
This bag is fun to make a small statement, and was my summer vacation bag for a while. It fits a few things, but not a lot. It's actually a lot bigger on the inside than you'd think, because it has accordion style compartments. I love the white / black contrast it has and the gold details. This one can be worn as a clutch as well, but I personally prefer it as a cross-body bag or just hanging it from one shoulder.


✰ the soft 'n subtle backpack
This was a gift from my parents, and I absolutely adore this bag! It's a lot more on the casual side since it's a backpack, and it's also the only bag I own that isn't black at all. The soft colors can go both ways, pair it with a light outfit for a more subtle effect, or pair it with some black to get a nice contrast going. This backpack can hold a lot of things, I was pleasantly surprised when I took it to Copenhagen as my main bag, since it fit almost everything I needed!


✰ the big business purse
This is one of the first purses I got when I made my big style flip to a more neutral / chic style. It's super large, so amazing for travel, and I love to combine this one with more subdued outfits to give it a statement / business-y pop. You've probably noticed by now that I'm very attracted to bags with a more square shape, and this one is no exception. The key ring says "Inspire" in rose gold and is from the Zoella lifestyle range, if you wanted to know :).


So that was the collection part of this post, let's now get into the tips!

1. Look for inspo.
Look at celebrity bags and decide on what you do and don't like. I personally am really attracted to more square shaped bags, but you may be more attracted to rounder bags (or both). It's good to get some inspiration going before you purchase your bag.

2. Make sure you have the basics
Before you start going out and buying the most statement bags out there you need to lay down your basics first. Start with simpler neutral bags as the base of your collection and then start expanding with more crazy bags.

3. Invest smartly
It's the best idea to spend the most on the bags you'll use the most. This is why "basic" designer bags usually sell better than the more crazy ones; it's smart to invest more in a bag that you'll wear more, since you'll "earn the investment back" easier. So next time you're in a store and you see a crazy bag you like, think of how much you'll actually wear it before splurging.

4. Look at inner compartments and accessories.
If a bag is super perfect on the outside, the inside might not matter as much. With that said, it's always a good idea to take a quick look at the inside before you buy. Do you like the compartments? Can the bag zip up close at the top so no water pours in? Is there enough space? Does the bag come with a strap? These are all important factors in finding the perfect bag. You'll always need to make compromises on these things, so figure out what's most important to you and go for that. If you absolutely need a bag that closes up because it rains in your area, DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS. The bag may be perfect on the outside, but if the rain makes its way inside you'll quickly regret buying it.

5. Is the hardware correct?
This may not be your number one priority as well, but it's handy to notice. Look at the hardware on your bag, is it gold? Silver? Steel? Make sure this matches with the type of jewelry you like to wear. I like to wear gold, so I look out for gold hardware. However, I do own bags with silver hardware, mainly because the hardware on those bags is so small that it's barely noticeable.

6. Does this go with any pieces in your closet?
Perhaps the most important question, but one that many fail to ask themselves, does this actually go with anything I already own? When you're in the store try to at least think of three outfits using the bag, and figure out what else you'd like to style it that you already have. This way, you won't come home with a purple bag and find out that it doesn't go with anything in your closet.

Anyways, that was it for this post. I hope you've learned some helpful tips from this and had fun reading this. Thank you so for reading and see ya' next week!



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