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☁️ March Favourites ☁️

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Another month, another favorites article. This month features; a truly amazing highlighting brush, a battle royale game, a pair of cherry-red snap pants and much more. :)))

Let's dive into the favourites, shall we?

✰ the Essence "I love my brushes" cleansing tool and gel make washing your brushes super easy and affordable. I used to never be able to find a good cleansing gel near me, but this stuff has solved that problem once and for all. There's nothing better that some clean brushes!

✰ the Primark "glossy get lippie kit" in the shade "peanut butter" is an affordable 2 piece lip set consisting of a lipliner and a high shine gloss. This was a really pleasant surprise! The shade is a gorgeous, very warm, brown-y neutral, which I love to rock with simply face makeup. The lipliner is ok, but the lipgloss is where this kit really shines. It's pretty comfortable and has an amazing shine to it.

✰ the Essence "Cuddly cushion gloss" in the shade "Honey" was a bit underwhelming for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a good lip-oil / gloss hybrid, but it isn't a dupe for the Essence "love joy care lip oil" that I was hoping it to be.

✰ the Hema "312 highlighting brush" is one of those beauty guru domed highlighter brushes and I must say that I really enjoy this brush. The quality of Hema's brushes keeps just get better and better and this brush is no exception, the bristles are very soft and don't fall out, plus this brush can pack on a blinding highlight very well! <3 <3

✰ the Essence "long-lasting eye pencil" in the shade "02: hot chocolate" is a dark chocolate brown eyeliner. I was obsessed with fake freckles this month and this eyeliner was perfect for getting them on. Just keep blending and adding more freckles, then blending some more and continuing that proces for a gorgeous natural freckled face. (I'm currently busy making a Youtube tutorial on this, so I can explain the whole proces better)

^ Swatches of the Essence eye pencil and the Primark lip kit.

Then the Lord - Not Klyde
Fear Nothing - Riverdale Cast
COZY - Not Klyde
Number One - Tove Styrke
My My My! - Troye Sivan
Just the same - Charlotte Lawrence
Starving - Hailee Steinfeld ft. Zedd (an oldie, but a goodie)
Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish
Moonlight - Grace Vanderwaal
COPYCAT - Billie Eilish
bellyache - Billie Eilish

I "discovered" Billie Eilish this month and I'm so glad I did! She has an amazing voice, very chill and ambient. Her style is badass af and "Ocean Eyes" might be one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard.

series & movies.
the good doctor is a doctor drama TV show about Shaun Murphy, an autistic doctor trying to complete his training to be a surgeon and overcome all the judgement he faces. He's a true genius and compelling character, and the backing characters are just as good. The actor who plays Shaun is amazing in really showcasing the behavior and thought-proces of an autistic person.

source: Wikipedia

love island is good for when you're craving some trashy reality tv; people get dropped on an island and have to form couples to stay on the island, new people get added every few days and some leave every week. The goal is to find love, but it wouldn't be trashy tv if the people on the island weren't campy af. This is just guilty pleasure tv at it's finest.

apps & games.
fortnite battle royale on my iPad has been my recent go-to. It's intense and heavy on strategy, but still a lot of fun. I love seeing myself progress and get better and better. You've probably heard about the game but if you haven't I'll explain it real quick; the game is a colorful 100 player battle royale shooter game which basically comes down to this: you get dropped on an island with a 100 other players and have to be the last man standing, hunger games style. The play field keeps shrinking to up the tension, and with game modes like duos and squads you can team up with friends as well. The game is super popular right now and the mobile game is invitation only for now butttt I have a giveaway up for a code so you can play!

Link to the fortnite code giveaway!

youtubers & blogs.
conan gray (YT)
Conan is a very wholesome smol bean who makes cute, artsy, creative and wholesome videos on his channel. He has a very vintage / art-hoe -like aesthetic and a serious talent for making capturing videos and editing them. <3 Did I mention he also makes amazing covers and original songs? (I love his Ocean Eyes cover, it's not up on his channel but if you type in "Ocean Eyes Conan Gray" in Youtube then you should find it easily)

jessica kobeissi (YT)
Jessica's channel is all about photography; she gives tips and does a lot of fun challenges. I especially love the challenges and the "3 photographers shoot the same model" series. I get a lot of fun ideas and helpful tips from this channel.

This month I was really into my new Brandy Melville rose embroidery socks, red snap pants from NOW Maastricht, my new peasant blouse from H&M and my sheer vest that I "stole" (jk) from my mom's closet.

^ The socks, mom jeans and the red snap pants.

^ the sheer vest <3

^ the peasant blouse

My new bag from Harrods also deserves a mention :). I love the stylish snake print details sooo much.

That was it for this month's favourites, I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next week!


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