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❄️ february favourites ❄️

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February was a fun month, I went to London and had an amazing time (as always). If you want to hear about my recent faves, including new beauty and fashion stuff I got in London, then just keep on reading!

laura geller baked gelato swirl illuminator (gilded honey) ~ This highlighter is so amazing! It's warm hue combined with it's blinding glow makes this one of my all-time fave highlighters. Definitely worth it.

nip 'n fab contour palette (light) ~ I saw Sian Lilly use this contour palette, and she looked amazing, so of course I had to grab it while I was in London. The shades are very nice and blend well. It's also super affordable so again, this was definitely worth it!

laura mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer (bare radiance) ~ This is the perfect everyday light/medium coverage foundation. It has a very soft tint to it, is amazingly glow and is very forgiving to just throw on. I'm so happy I got this, an absolute musthave if you like simple, dewy skin.

iconic london reloaded palette (iconic division) ~ When the ABH Subculture palette was first released I was absolutely obsessed with the daring colors, but with all the mayhem surrounding the formula I decided to skip the palette. So when I heard of an affordable dupe I of course had to get it. I love the versatility of this palette, and how affordable it was. The colors are a little more out there, so it's definitely not an everyday palette, but I still love it.

catrice allround concealer palette ~ I stole this concealer palette from my mom and have been using it to death lately. I love using the lightest shade on my eyelids to give a fresh-faced look and using the second colour on my undereyes. The green and red are nice additions as well, but they aren't particularly necessary.

Goud - Lil' Kleine
Finesse - Bruno Mars
Bad Boy - Red velvet
Silence - Marshmello ft. Khalid
Strongest - Ina Wroldsen
Savior - Iggy Azalea ft. Quavo
God's Plan - Drake
Peek-a-boo - Red Velvet
Mine - Bazzi
Bartier Cardi - Cardi B ft. 21 Savage
Another sad love song - Khalid
Memories - Petit Biscuit
Winter - Khalid
Hopeless - Halsey
Love Lies - Khalid ft. Normani

As always my fave music is a good mix of rap (both English and Dutch), more "poppy" songs and more ambient songs (including my new fave Khalid and his R&B-ish style). This time there's some Kpop in there as well, as I found out that I really like some of Red Velvet's songs. If anyone were to ever ask me what my taste is music is like, I'd show them this list, as it's a pretty good indicator of stuff (both songs and artists) I like.

youtube & blogs.
ashley callahan (link)
Ashley's channel is super fun and creative. I love her fashion sense and her personality and am always amazed at the new video ideas she comes up with. <3 <3

matilda (link)
This channel is all about beauty! I love the way Matilda films her videos, they're all in flatly-form, super informative, minimalistic and straight to the point. All her videos are super simple, yet super fun!

joycebean (link)
This is a pretty straight forward beauty/fashion/lifestyle channel, but I really like Joyce's personality. She's very down-to-earth, humble and funny, which makes every video a good watch. I also really love her preferred makeup look, it's that simple, glowy look I've been digging lately.

series & films.
the profit is a show we've kinda always watched, but have been watching a lot more in the recent month. In this show Marcus Lemons invests his own money in dying businesses in an effort to save jobs and make a profit. It's a pretty educational show in the sense that it gives business insights and explains how to solve their problems in a pretty simple way, but it can also get dramatic as the business owners are sometimes incredibly clueless or just stupid.

de luizenmoeder is a Dutch satire / politically incorrect show about an elementary school. A lot of current debates are mentioned, and a lot of parents will recognize the situations in the show.

Some things I loved this month include this pair of pants from NOW Maastricht (they're amazingly comfortable and cute) and my new Urban Outfitters rainbow sweater (again, super comfortable and I love the little polaroid-stripe).

Other loves: earrings from NOW Maastricht (pictured above), my new sock boots and all the other stuff I got recently xd.

Pictures from my Instagram

If you want to find out about everything I got you can watch my collective haul video;

Cadbury mini eggs are a type of British easter chocolate that me and my family are absolutely OBSESSED with. I can't really explain them, you just gotta try em. When we're in London we always stock uppp. <3

apps & games.
sims 4 dogs & cats is an expansion pack for the Sims 4 which add, you guessed it, dogs and cats to the game. The pack comes with an amazing world, the most gorgeous build/buy objects and the most realistic pets in the game ever. My sims currently have a corgi puppy that's playful, energetic and vocal and it's the cutest thing ever. I legit have to pause the game sometimes because I can't handle the cuteness.

camcorder is a camera app that adds a nice, VHS, camcorder like timestamp onto your videos. Recently I've been feeling the vintage camera / photo vibes, so this is amazing for that.

filterloop is an app that adds vintage and polaroid- like effects onto your photos to give them that Kim K / polaroid / vintage / dusty feel. Super cute and on trend!

unum is an app that helps you plan out your Instagram feed, lately I've been trying to do more on IG and just post more and this app helps keep my theme alive.

the snow! - I already mentioned it in a recent blogpost, but there's been a bit of snow lately and I've just been loving the romantic / wintery vibes xd.


Anyway that was it for this post. What were your recent faves? I'd love to hear about them.
See you next week!


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