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tips & diys to nail the Korean glass skin trend.

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Its one of the biggest skincare trends of the moment, Korean glass skin has shaken the internet to it's core. With its clear skin that's so dewy and moisturised that it looks like glass, it has a massive appeal to tons of people. But how do you get this ever so elusive look? Today I will teach you some tips and tricks on how to effectively clear you skin and get that glass like glow.

skincare tips.

✰ moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!
At the root of the Korean glass skin trend lies deeply moisturised and nourished skin. It's pretty much that simple. Use a strong and creamy moisturizer as much as you can two to three times a day to moisturize your skin and give it that healthy, glass like glow. Even if you have oily skin you should try moisturizing, since oily skin is trying to make up for a lack of oils and moisture, and giving it that moisture yourself can help with calming down oily skin and getting a more radiant, youthful glow.

 ✰ treat problem areas
Look at your skin very closely. What do you see? What do you "need" to "fix" to get your ideal, clear skin?
Glass skin is all about clear skin and healthy skin, so look for anything you consider a problem, and treat it effectively. Do your research for this and try different store-bought products and homemade products to effectively get rid of them. Don't look at your face as one whole, but look at it in sections. Which areas are free of problems and which ones aren't? Be realistic! We all know not every problem can simply be banished, so try to make the best of what you have and accept that sometimes may never fully go away, but you can tone them down a bit.

For example; my cheeks are a little bit red and irritated, but I've managed to tone it down quite a lot with just a few things. My lifesavers include; daily sunscreen, rosewater spray (thank you Mario Badescu) and a homemade coffee scrub (diys will be featured in this article as well).

✰ try the 7 toner method (or the art of layering)
This method is loved by many skincare junkies around the world, and involves only one product. Toner.
This method suggest that you put on multiple layers of product after you've cleansed. In this case, apply up to seven layers of toner, letting it dry in between. This is supposed to give you that moisturised, hydrated and glowy skin that you're looking for. Of course you can alter this technique as well and apply seven layers of moisturizer or go moisturizer-toner-moisturiser-toner etc.


homemade solutions

✰ diy rosewater spray
Combine equal parts pure rosewater (I use Jacob van Hooy's rosewater, available at Holland and Barrett) with equal parts water into a spray bottle and you're basically done. Rosewater is known to combat redness, work anti-inflammatory, work anti-aging and have toning abilities. Use as toner or just as a facial mist.

✰ diy coffee mask
Combine honey, olive oil and coffee grounds into a jar and stir well (I eyeballed this until I felt I had the right mixture). The honey is meant to preserve the fresh mask longer and make your skin super soft, olive oil is a great moisturizer and the coffee grounds exfoliate your skin super gently. Use once to twice a week on face and body to get rid of texture, exfoliate skin and leave it super soft and smooth.

fake it until you make it
If you can't get the right results with just skincare, then try these makeup techniques to fake it until you make it!

✰ use cream & liquid products
Instead of opting for powder highlighters and blushes, go for creams & liquids. They often have a radiant, dewy look to them which will help with the moisturised, glass skin look.

✰ use concealer wisely
This is a trick I've recently found out about, but it has already changed my life. Instead of going the full concealer route, only conceal the shadows of your under eye bags (not the entire circle) and you eyelids. This way you're covering up a lot less, but it gives a more subtle and open effect. This way you don't have to slather your skin in concealer, and can just let it breathe. You're essentially concealing less and getting a better outcome, how great is that?

Anyways, that was it for this article. I hope you've gotten closer to clearing your skin and find my tips helpful. Thanks for reading and see ya next week!



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