Monday, February 19, 2018

i have a youtube channel!

This is just a little head's up, for if you haven't seen the pretty obvious youtube widget in the sidebar ;).


In this quick lil' post I'll just share a few of my fave / most recent vids so click that "read more" button to see them :).

This video is one of my faves, because I just love how the combination of the editing and the music came out. I consider this vid the "standard" for all my coming videos.

I also really love this one, mainly because it's super aesthetically pleasing and calming again :).

I still need to get a better thumbnail for this one, but this was just a lovely pink soft glam tutorial for Valentine's, which I also thought turned out pretty well.

This is one of the first talking vids on my channel, and again I also love how this turned out xd. I think you can really get to know someone by their fave youtubers so I thought It'd be fun if I shared men :).

The longest video I have ever put out, this massive haul was enormously fun to film and has soooo many cute thing in it. Obsessed.

Anyways that was it for this little head's up post I hope you've subscribed to my channel ;). xxx


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