Saturday, January 26, 2019

my 2019 goals.

So you've probably read my last blogpost and wondered what my 2019 goals were, if that's the case you don't have to wait any longer because today I'm finally sharing them. Sorry for the wait ;).

Without further ado, here they are:

+ get accepted for UAL:LCF
Literally my biggest goal ever since I was young has been to get into this specific university in London and study strategic fashion management. For years this has been my biggest goal, so I'm constantly praying to get in. My passion to follow this course is never-ending.

+ reach 1k on instagram
If you've been following me (@thedutchbloggergirl) you know that I've been trying to grow my audience on Instagram over the past year, and I want to continue doing that in 2019! As I'm writing this I'm currently at ~240 followers, but during this year I hope to get to a thousand (or more lmao). Btw, if you aren't following me yet, it would mean the world if you would :).

+ do more creative stuff
I don't always have time to channel my emotions into something creative, so I want to make more time to just sit down and create. Whether that's via painting, poem, film photography, blogposts, youtube videos, drawing or instagram posts doesn't matter to me. I just want to create more and develop my creative aspects.

+ finish high school with a b average
I really really really wanna get into my dream college (UAL:LCF), so I'm hustling to get a B average and up my chances of getting in. Pray for me :0.

+ even more style experimentation
The last year was a big year for me, style-wise, but in 2019 I wanna continue on experimenting and developing my style to be even more bold and out there. I wanna be even more extra than I was in 2018 and really turn heads lmao :).

+ be more productive (less distractions)
Gotta get that B average somehow. When I get home I won't stop to watch youtube for an hour, I will immediately go to my room and just start doing stuff. I lose so much time without knowing what I spend it on. No more of that. The more productively I spend my time the more leftover time I have to be creative.

+ have an amazing senior year (and an eventful summer break)
If all goes according to plan, I might be leaving the Netherlands around August and move to London, so I want my senior year to be as memorable as can be. I want to have an amazing prom, go on trips with friends and just plan my summer to the brim to do as much as possible.

And that was it for my 2019 goals! What are your goals? Let me know in the comments, I love reading them <3.



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