Saturday, November 10, 2018

recent beauty faves (october).

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Another month, another beauty favorites post! This month I didn't buy as much, but I did find some very good products!
Ps. I'm sorry for not posting last week. My blogpost got deleted, my card corrupted and I had a lot of schoolwork to do so I couldn't reshoot and rewrite :'(.

✰ the Maybelline face studio chrome extreme highlighter (300 sandstone shimmer) is in intensely shimmery highlighter in a beautiful and warm golden peach shade. I love this because it makes such a great impact without needing to build it up, it's just intense af from the get-go. I'd say the shade is right on the cusp for me, almost too dark but not quite there. So if you're fairer than me, I wouldn't recommend this, as it may be too dark for you. Putting that aside, the shade is nice and warm, which I love in a highlighter, and lasts fairly long on me. It's also pretty affordable, so I've got no real complaints. (ps. It's actually a bit darker than it looks in the picture)

✰ the OUAI style edit set is like the perfect taster for if you're new to ouai, or haircare in general. This set contains a mini of the:
     ✰ OUAI wave spray
     OUAI texturising hair spray
which I both loved. The wave spray is the perfect salt spray to boost your curls, even if you're hair is looking straight af. I've used this on damp hair and the results were amazing. My hair was nice, curly and voluminous. I actually got a tonne of compliments!
In terms of the hair spray, I loved it because it's a hairspray but it doesn't have that sticky, harsh feeling to it. It's actually quite powdery and sets the hair down without making it to wet or forming chunks. It's great for when I'm wearing a high ponytail and need to set my baby hairs down. It actually works pretty well at keeping them at bay for a while, but it doesn't manage to completely stop them showing up throughout the day.
Bonus: both of the products smell great as well. They have this powdery, floral scent to them which actually lasts pretty long as well and makes your hair smell amazing. Several people noticed the smell and complimented me on it!

And that was it for this post, as you might be able to tell I didn't buy as much beauty products in October as I usually would. That's because I've been trying to buy less but of higher quality. I'm trying to just find good essentials that are of good quality :).
Anyways, thank you for reading and I'll see ya next week!


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