Sunday, November 18, 2018

my favorite youtubers that inspire me to create.

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I've said it once and I'll say it many times, I'm a diehard youtube fan. I don't know what it is about the platform, but something about watching random people's lives is so captivating to me. It follows the same idea that blogs do, we want insight into the "unknown" that consists out of other people's lives, but in a more visual way. Putting all that philosophy aside let's just dive into the list, shall we?

✰ zozaleenie (link)

Seriously, is there anything this girl can't do? She's a great artist, makes amazing lo-fi background music, takes awesome pictures (mainly polaroids and 35mm) and has a talent for editing chill videos. I love her art videos so much, mainly because they inspire me to just grab some watercolors and mess around. Zoe's entire channel just feels like the last few weeks of summer vacation, where you're still chilling with your friends and doing fun stuff, with a bit of nostalgia on the side. 
The video I linked is one of her vlogs which I love for the comfy, slice-of-life feel and the overall atmosphere. We stan.

✰ gemary (link)

An aesthetic queen: I love Gemary for her very aesthetically pleasing and well put together videos. Her main thing is fashion / beauty / lifestyle, but I'm also a big fan of her weekly vlogs! Seriously though her warm aesthetic is so pretty and her style is to die for! Very inspiring indeed.

✰ heyxnatalie (link)

Natalie inspires me so much mainly because she has such an amazing editing style. You can definitely tell that every shot has a purpose and she worked very hard on every video. Her videos strike a great balance between low-key cinematic and funny. I definitely recommend her channel!

✰ conan gray (link)

Conan's videos are all so cute and comfy! They definitely feel like home :). His vlogs are so amazingly well put together and so well edited. He does a bunch of stuff, but all his vids are very slice of life. Besides that, Conan as a person is literally so likable. He's a relatable cute uwu potato. His music is amazing as well!! Definitely stan our king Cone.

✰ catcreature (link)

Another vlogging queen, Annabelle's videos are always very comfy, cosy, artsy, slice-of-life-ish :). Right up my alley as you can tell. Annabelle's blogs mainly revolve around her studying at RISD and doing domestic things. It's great content to just cuddle up on the couch with.

Anyways that was it for this small blogpost! I hope you enjoyed and I'll see ya next week :0.



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