Saturday, November 24, 2018

how i ordered glossier from the netherlands (no extra costs!)

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I'm gonna preface this by saying two things:
1) No this is not one of those crappy "get an address in the US!" things where you pay twice the shipping. It's way better!
2) I actually have a coupon code for all y'all which will be at the end of this post

So, Glossier. It's of those brands that seems to be virtually everywhere. Every cool girl on instagram or youtube uses their products, their pink bags are an internet celebrity by themselves and the whole brand uses the most genius marketing. Sad thing is, they don't ship to the Netherlands. Therefore I set out to find a way to get their products to me and I actually succeeded! Today I'll be sharing my findings with y'all :).

So how did I pull this off?

I ordered via a Marktplaats account called "A." (link).
✰ They actually have almost every Glossier product available, all authentic
✰ Everything comes with the iconic pink bag and the sticker sheet
✰ Shipping takes about 1,5 weeks (it has to come from either England or France)

I actually had a very lovely experience with this seller! My products arrived right on time, and when they got here I tested all of them for authenticity. The seller actually forgot the stickers but when I told her about it she offered to resend them right away. Overall the communication was great and I have no complaints.

The products are also really nice as well! The three products I got (wowder in light, cloud paint in beam and lash slick) all blew me away by how good they were! I'm actually gonna write a full review on these but so far I'm obsessed with them and actually planning another order. Glossier is definitely a natural brand, but all the products are extremely well-thought out and amazing quality.

If you're interested in purchasing some Glossier for yourself I actually arranged a coupon code for all you!
You can use code "SABRINA10" in your chat for 10% off your order!

I hope you enjoyed this short post and this helped you out in your search for Glossier products. I cannot recommend these products or this seller highly enough! Definitely recommend these!
See ya next week!


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