Friday, September 14, 2018

how to: raid your parents' closet.

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If you're a teen and still living with your parents, you've probably been offered their old clothes at least once. Today I'm gonna teach you all about how to properly and stylishly raid your parents' closets so you can look great and save some coin :).

(I think it doesn't need to be mentioned that you should always ask first lol, but here it is anyways)

Let's dive into the tips, shall we?

look for classics
Certain things like striped blouses, tube tops or baggy sweaters never go out of style! If you have the opportunity to snatch these certainly do for a dose of timelessness for your wardrobe. Why spend money on these if your parents have some lying around they don't want anymore? Things like little black dresses, graphic tee's, knitted cardigans and blouses basically never go out of style, which is why they're great essentials for your wardrobe!

✰ look for certain trends
If there's one thing I've learned recently it's that everything comes back eventually in the fashion world. Hang onto those ugly graphic sweaters long enough and they'll be trendy again over time. The same applies to your parents' closets. Everything they have in there was once trendy or will be trendy again. For example: I grabbed my dad's cargo pants and had them tailored to fit me just in time for the cargo pants trend to return. And it only cost me the tailoring fees!! <3

✰ look for certain colors / fabrics / patterns

This is kind off the same as looking for certain trends but this time you're looking out for certain colors, fabrics and patterns. For example: I always look out for neutrals, blacks, whites, and muted tones. In terms of fabrics I don't really have a preference, but things like chunky knit sweaters are usually very trendy. In terms of patterns think animal prints (panther!!), stripes, stars, cool embroidery etc.

✰ get it tailored if necessary
If you're stealing things from your mom this won't be necessary most of the times, but when stealing from your dad it might occur that you need to tailor the item. For example: my glorious cargo pants were actually my dads' once! I got the waist taken in by 22cm and now they fit me like a glove! It only cost me €20, which is still a lot less than if I'd bought them from a store.
For other items you'll have to think a little more creatively. Styling or small tailorings are usually enough to make the item wearable. With the slip dress pictured here I took in the straps by a few centimeters, I tied the white blouse below to accentuate my waist and I always wear my dad's blouses buttoned off-the shoulder and tied.

Now for some inspo!
Here's a list of things I've got from my parents' closets:

Cargo pants* // a see-through cardigan* // a vintage looking slip dress* // a white blouse with silver stars* // an oversized grey sweater // a panther print cardigan* // a classic striped blouse // a white tube top // a sequined top // (* = pictured in this post)

And that was it for this post! Have you ever taken something from your parents' closet before? Did these tips help you? I'd truly love to know so please leave a comment down below telling me all about it!


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