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how to: put together an outfit.

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This article has been requested by some lovely commenters on my youtube, so today I'll be telling you all about how I put my outfits together!

The first step varies a lot, but usually I either have a type of outfit though out or a piece I want to style my outfit around. For the outfit pictured below I knew I really wanted to style this sweater and involve a fanny pack in the look. It's easier to start out with a beginning like this, so it's best to start out with a piece you want to style around (or get an idea for a vibe like "preppy", "insta baddie" etc.)

Let me outline my though process for the outfit you're seeing on the left.
So I started out, as I said, wanting to style a sweater, and because I got this sweater because of a Kelsey Simone video I wanted to style it just like her (with black jeans). However, during the trip to London I got these pants and so I thought they would look great with this look as well. The plainness of the sweater has a great contrast with the graphic pants.

I also knew I wanted to style a fanny pack, which was a great idea as it really accentuates the waist in this outfit to make sure we're not losing that hourglass look. I'm always a sucker for accentuating the waistline or creating the look of an hourglass figure, so that's what you'll see me doing most often.

Now for the shoes I figured I wanted a pair that could go under the pants instead of over, and so my sock boots were a great combo. I was already pretty dressed up so heels didn't seem to clash.

For the rest of the accessories I kept it a little bit more simple, I just put on a golden ring and some golden earrings to accentuate the gold details in the fanny pack and finish of the vibe. This whole outfit is definitely not subtle at all, so that's why I just went with big earrings instead of smaller ones. I felt no need at all to tone the look down, because I kinda wanted to show of my fashion sense with this look (I was going to an open day for a fashion course).

Usually I'll just plan outfits like that; I'll start with a piece or vibe and just try out different things. When I have the time I have entire sessions of just me coming up with new and fun ways to style different things. A great example of this is the way I've been styling my sheer turtleneck recently: I've been styling it under different tops to create and edgy look and add some warmth. Layering is a great way to be creative with your outfits so I'd definitely recommend you play around with it!

Another weirdly styled piece is my "chain belt", which is actually just the steel chain from one of cross-body bags hooked in a way that resembles a belt. It's a perfect example of how being resourceful and clever can create great little details for your outfits.

If you were to ask me what's the greatest thing I keep in mind during styling it definitely the vibe I'm going for. For the outfit on the right I wanted a classic rock / slightly edgy vibe and so I picked accessories and pieces that reflected that. The ACDC shirt has a cool, edgy vibe to it, as well as the Vans (typically worn by skaters back in the day), and the more chic pattern on the skirt clashes to create a bit of an "I don't care" vibe.

 A completely worked out example:
Vibe I'm going for: edgy video game hacker / skater girl who will kick your ass. (I know that's very specific lol, but sometimes I just want to replicate a very special / strange mood).

I started with layering this sheer top under a t-shirt for a skater vibe. Skater girls are often portrayed as wearing striped tees under band shirts, and so this kinda plays of that whole stereotype. I combined that with these black, baggy pants, and rolled the bottoms up for a loose, above the ankle style that is also (you guessed it!) often affiliated with skater girls or more edgy girls. Add some vans in for an even bigger skater look.

Finally, I added in a chain belt to add some toughness, as hardware like this is often perceived as edgy and badass. For a bag, I went with a tote because it's a super simple bag which most people wear when they're not really trying too hard. This adds an effortless / idrc vibe to the outfit and badam! Vibe achieved!

Anyways, I think I'll leave it there for this post, because I don't wanna ramble on for too long or repeat the same things too much. I hope you learned some helpful stuff or at least got a peek into my thought proces. If you have any questions you can sound of in the comments and I'll try my best to help :).
See ya next week1


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  1. What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just say so many things that come from nowhere that Im fairly certain Id have a fair shot. Your blog is wonderful visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos and the layout wont be so impressed with your generic understanding of this topic.


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