Saturday, September 08, 2018

an effortless society.

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So lately I've been doing a lot of thinking, and suddenly I was falling down a rabbit hole about the death of effort in our modern society, specifically in whats normal for casual fashion. So today I thought we should have a little chat about that :).

While researching for this mini-essay I found these (1  &  2) articles which articulate the exact same point, so if you're interested in that you can read those as well.

Lately, I've noticed that everything needs to suddenly be this "effortless" accomplishment; "These grades? phew! I didn't even study at all lol" or "No I don't really do anything special to my hair it just sits perfectly like this all the time" and most often: "This outfit? I just threw it on!". The toxic thing about this mindset of effortless is that it tries to make effort feel obsolete like you don't NEED to work hard or try, and if you DO, you're just stupid.

This phenomenon is seen most in what people actually wear on a day to day basis, just look at my school and you'll see dozens of the same outfits, all based on an effortless, "I didn't try"- aesthetic. "What does that look like?" you ask. Well here's an example: ripped jeans, sneakers, a sweater and some dainty jewelry, perfectly messy hair and simple manicured nails. That's the look that's currently everywhere, and don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about liking this overall aesthetic. The bad thing is pretending like an effortless style is the only way to go, thereby villainizing the very idea of effort.

Take me as an example, I love putting in effort into my outfits and showing that I went that extra mile, but that's always frowned upon. Why is it that we look down upon people who show effort? Why is it that, if you wear heels or a little more jewelry, you're immediately treated like a pariah and stared down? It's because everyone's obsessed with having ~natural~ style and elegance that they forget that it's okay to show the fact that you care.

For years now, we've glamourized the Parisian girl, this idea of natural style and elegance, the epitome of a powerful woman who doesn't try or care too much and therefore caused the death of effort altogether. We all got so obsessed with being a "French girl" that that became the norm and the "try hards" were pushed aside by the masses. Effortlessness is defined as 'requiring no physical or mental exertion' or 'achieved with admirable ease' but isn't it ironic that there are thousands of articles online on how to be effortless, which is an enormous contradiction, and it's ironically been dubbed "one of the hardest styles to pull of"?

Somehow we have managed to make putting effort into looking effortless, while also shaming effort the cultural norm. 

There's no shame in putting the effort in or not putting an effort in, and we should all acknowledge for a minute that these effortless styles aren't TRULY effortless. Once we can all embrace that effort isn't a bad thing and not all lack of effort is actually a lack of effort, the world would be so much better to everyone.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that little essay and get what I'm talking about. I've never written something like this before so I hope you all liked this :).
What do you think? Do you get what I'm talking about? Do you agree? Let me know in the comments!


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