Friday, April 27, 2018

my fave photo editing apps: tips for a vintage look + keeping an aesthetic.

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We've all been there; the struggle of editing our photos to match our aesthetic or theme. It can be hard out there to get the specific look you want for your pic or find the perfect editing app you desire, but today I'm helping you out a bit by telling you all about my favourite photo (and video) editing apps. I'm personally really into 1) a black/white/gold/neutral aesthetic or 2) a vintage/polaroid/vhs type of aesthetic for my pictures, and these apps help me achieve that feel. Anyways if you want to hear me ramble on about editing my photos just keep on reading :).

Let's just dive right into it!

The first app I want to mention is VSCO cam. You've probably heard about this one before, since almost every Instagrammer on the planet uses it. This is just a simple photo editing app where you can work on things like the contrast, grain or temperature of your photo or add a filter. I usually use this app as my first stop when editing a "routine" photo (no special effects or anything). I either do 2 things: 1. I add a filter and then do some regular adjustments or 2. I'll just do the adjustments. In terms of filters I always keep with F2 to keep the look of my Instagram consistent and in terms of single adjustments I'll usually reach for the exposure, contrast, temperature and grain feautures.

The next app is one that I haven't really gotten to explore a lot, but is really cool from what I can tell. It's called Glitché and basically lets you add a bunch of cool, you guessed it, glitch-like effects onto your pictures. Two of the features I really like so far are emoji (where it takes your picture and turns it into one using only emojis) or blur, where you can add a VHS-like colored blur to your photos for a cool effect. The app costs €0,99, but does come with a TON of filters, so definitely check this one out if it sounds like something you'd use :).

This app has one specific purpose for me, and that's its photoshop-like functions. The app is called Line camera and is basically just a cutesy photo editing app with filters and such. The real magic however, is in the "beauty" section. This section contains a bunch of features like enlarging you eyes or slimming your face. The only part I use however is the skin care section. Here you'll find 2 features: blemishes and dark circle. Blemishes is great for editing out stains on your clothing (roughed up suede, anyone?) and generally smoothing your skin if necessary, and dark circle let's you lighten things, so it's great to intensify your highlight a bit if necessary. This can however turn very fake very quick, so I definitely don't use this app a lot, and try to limit my use of it to stains in clothing and sometimes a more intense highlight.

The next app will be every aesthetic lovers' dream, and it is called Lightroom CC. This app is basically a free mobile version of the popular software and let me tell you; this has changed my Instagram game forever. I use this app to brighten my pictures, make the whites and blacks intenser, and edit out colors I don't want. Is the water too blue? Scared to mess up your feed? Just go to the color selection, select mix in the top right corner and edit the saturation and tone of the blues. Green scooter in the background ruining your OOTD? Do the same thing. This app definitely helps me out so much and I wouldn't know what I'd do without it.

VSCO & Lightroom CC.

Unum Planoly aren't really photo editing apps, but they are really helpful for Instagrammers, so I'm deciding to add them in here. Basically what these apps allow you to do is plan out your Instagram feed and it's incredibly helpful. This helps me check if all the whites in my feed are the same shade (that's a pretty crucial detail) and check if my theme works nicely. It also helps me plan out in what order I should post my photos and keep backup photos on hand.

If you want to go for a KKW / vintage-y vibe for your photos filterloop is the app for you! It adds VHS / polaroid sequel filters and effects (like dust and grain) to your pictures to give them that vintage aesthetic. There's a lot of free filters and effects in the app, but also some paid ones, though you can definitely be just fine with only the free ones. My faves include the dust texture, lomo leak textures and washed out filters. A quick 5 minutes of editing in this app can completely change your photo and the best part is that the watermark is optional. How cool is that?!?

If you are looking for an app to just mess around with a bit Makeup+ is the app for you. This app let's you add a bunch of makeup effects onto your pictures, and most of them are completely ridiculous. This app is very versatile, as the ready-made looks can just be fun for how bad they are, and the loose features (foundation, eyeshadow, lashes, etc.) can actually look very natural when used well. I've definitely used the lashes or eyebrow feature a few times to amp up my look.

If you've ever seen one of those sparkly Instagram videos around you probably know about the KiraKira+ app. However, today I'm offering you a free alternative called Brillar. What this does is simple, but gives a really stunning effect. Basically it adds an extra over-the-top sparkle to sparkly things, whether that be jewelry, makeup of literally anything else that shines a bit. The app has varying degrees of sparklyness so you can go for a more natural toned down or a super over the top look. This app does leave a watermark though, but it's super easy to crop out.

Unum & Brillar

And last but not least I want to discuss one bonus app, and that is Camcorder. This is a videocamera app that lets you take VHS style timestamped videos with a washed out filter over it. I've been loving this for capturing basic memories or just using it to give older videos that VHS look (for if you don't wanna film straight from the app itself). As you can tell I'm currently really digging that vintage feel and this app really helped me out with that.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new editing apps to try. If you have any suggestions for me I'd love to hear them in the comments. I'm always on the hunt for new apps :).
Write ya next week!



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