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7 things i want to add to my closet

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I spend a lot of time on Weheartit, Youtube and Bloglovin (definitely recommend Weheartit, it's my main source of inspo for pictures and outfits), and that's also where I get most of my fashion inspiration from. Today I'm going to be sharing some items I've been seeing on my socials that I'd like to add to my closet as well, because inspiration is always great ;). Before we get started I just want to mention that this post was very much inspired by this post.

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Mom jeans: NOW Maastricht // Sock boots: Zalando // Choker: Brandy Melville // Office style pants: NOW Maastricht // Insta baddie bodysuit: Brandy Melville // Rings: My Jewellery & Brandy Melville // Earrings: NOW Maastricht

Let's just get right into this wishlist!

✰ I'm absolutely obsessed with these earrings I've been seeing all over weheartit. They look super artsy and chic! Just imagine wearing these babies (the gold ones, ofc) with a white outfit, gold accessories and a bit of a summer tan. So far I haven't had any luck finding out which artist or store originally sold these, so if you happen to know please help a girl out :).

Source 1 + Source 2

✰ If you've read my last post you know all about my racing inspired clothing obsession (evidence A: abuse of the 🏁 emoji) and checkered stuff totally fits in with that overal aesthetic. I think a cute checkered tube top would be soooo cute with some high waisted shorts and lots of chokers. Right now I don't know how I feel about the checkered Vans, as I think it would definitely bother me that those have off-white and not pure white.

Source 1 + Source 2

✰ If you've ever read any of mo blogposts you probably know about my obsession with layered, gold and dainty chokers, they add instant flair to any outfit. The only problem is I don't exactly own a lot (I have like 5 of them) and it's beginning to bother me that they appear in every single blog and Instagram post, so I've decided to look around for new ones. The first one is from my jewellery and has been on my wishlist for a week or two now. I'm also utterly obsessed with chokers from Adina's jewels, especially their customised name chokers with the cute old english font <3.

Source 1 + Source 2

✰ I've been wanting to get a stronger sneaker-game, and that starts with getting some of the basics down. One of those basics is a pair of Vans Oldskool. They're classic, easy to style and effortless and would therefore be a great addition to my closet. It's also one of the only pairs of sneakers I don't find unflattering, so that's a plus xd.

Source 1 + Source 2

✰ Ever since Kelsey Simone's $8 outfits video I've wanted a top like this. The silky material combined with the lace in combination with some jeans is the perfect mix of cute and streetwear that I love to experiment with. I've tried on many tops like this, but have not found the perfect one yet :(. If I do manage to find one I'll definitely let you guys know!


✰ Another thing I've been doing lately is trying to catch up on Stranger Things season 2 (I know, super late) and one of Nancy's outfits from the show hasn't left my mind ever since. It was that outfit that made me realize my fondness for corduroy jackets, especially ones with fluffy lining on the inside. This look is super casual, and I'd love to combine it with more feminine accessories to really create a nice juxtaposition between the two <3. (The one pictured is from Brandy Melville, I believe)

Source 1 + Source 2

✰ I think I might be one of the last people to get a cute watch, so here it is on my wishlist. I'm looking for a super minimalistic one with either a white or gray strap and gold details. While looking for inspo online I found the one you see in the second picture, which is from Cluse and has a marble background.... how aesthetic??? I've also spotted a super cute one at H&M, so that one is also an option :).

Source 1 + Source 2

Anyways that was it for this article! I hope you enjoyed and if you have the time I'd love if you commented down below what's on your wishlist, as you know I'm always on the hunt for inspo ;).
Write ya next week!


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